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How VirtaSMS could change everything

VirtaSMS - Virtacurrent

Another milestone in VirtaCoin's development has been reached with the introduction of VirtaSMS service. With VirtaSMS, it is possible to send an SMS both locally and internationally using VirtaCoin as payment. 

This service is provided through a paid service, which means: 

  • no ads or promotions 
  •  quick delivery and 
  •  no selling of mobile numbers to other parties. 

As certified agents we can buy in bulk - which means we can offer this SMS service at a very competitive price. John Moles stated in a comment. 

According to Moles, the SMS database has been loaded with 63 countries, but will constantly be updated until all countries in the world are supported.

The SMS service has been included and integrated into and can be accessed from the menu tab. To use the service, simply login to your account right away and click on SMS at the menu bar. Or you can access it directly by clicking this link VirtaSMS

John Moles added that from a VirtaCoin promotion point of a view this new feature as the potential of becoming a very valuable tool. Moles said, "Very few people know about cryptocurrency (even the mighty BitCoin is still very much unknown) but everybody knows about SMS. By linking the unknown VirtaCoin to a well known service like SMS we can hook VirtaCoin into the real world." 

Already local agents in India, Nigeria and Ghana are preparing to contact local businesses to offer them bulk SMS services at competitive price levels. VTA2SMS also offers an easy to use API which will make it possible for everyone to integrate SMS services into their website or business.

Since the SMS service is exclusively for VirtaCoin, hopefully orders for this service will generate more demand for VTA - thus generating upward pressure on the VTA price . 
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